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Do your values match the job the company you are working for?

If your values do not align with the organization you work for, there is a mismatch. You may end up dissatisfied in your job because it is not a fit.

One of the main reasons people quit their job are because of the values, culture and environment of their company.

When you look for your next job, don’t just look at the job skills. Look at your values, then look for companies which match your values.

Here are a few sample values to consider:

  • Delivering quality – how important is the quality of the work you produce.
  • Work flexibility – is there flexibility in how work is done.
  • Supporting others – do you want a job where you support others.
  • Workplace diversity – do the people at a workplace represent a diverse mix of peoples

Some other factors to consider include:

  • Income – how important is the size of one’s income
  • Creativity – is the ability to be creative important in one’s job
  • Interpersonal – is working by oneself or in a group important, as well as supervising others

Meeting with a career coach is one way to start to assess all of your values. Whether you are seeking your first professional career, or have many years of experience, understanding your core values will help you find a job that matches not just your skills, but your values. Book a 15 minute introductory session with CareerFirsts to find out more.

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