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Often, people rely on formal means for finding positions, such as job postings or employment agencies. However, one study found that for people with strong social networks, such as those who grew up in a city, up to half of their positions through family and social connections.

Therefore, for someone new to a city, or new to a country, or simply anyone who wanting more career options, building social connections helps tremendously with career success.

Here are some ways to build your social connections:

  • Join a professional group such as for accountants, human resources, technology or health care. Attend the professional groups events.
  • For newcomers, when you move to a new place, ask your friends from your old city if they know anyone. Even one or two contacts in your new city will be helpful to have.
  • Look online and find business events to attend. Local Chamber of Commerces, Business Incubators and Business Improvement groups all host events that welcome new people.
  • Join the Alumni Association for your university. Connect with people who attended your university through LinkedIn. Attend your university’s alumni events.
  • Volunteer for an event, such as a cancer fundraising event, a film festival, or the annual Santa Claus parade. You never know who you’ll meet, but it may be someone who will help you connect with opportunities.
  • Volunteer for a board. Non-profits are often looking for board members. Reach out to a group and offer to be a board member.

Social connections create the possibility for others to share career opportunities with you.

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