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Recent immigrants experience difficulty finding work in Canada. Newcomers find it more difficult to find work

In this article, CareerFirsts gives tips for new immigrants that can help them be more successful securing employment.

Tips for securing employment:

  • Have a native speaker proof-read your resume and cover letter. Even if your English language skills are strong, you may not speak “Canadian” English. Have a second set of eyes on documents that you submit.
  • Join a local service group or volunteer agency. Relationships are key to employment. Knowing people in your community opens up doors.
  • On your resume, explain where you worked in your home country. You may have worked in your home country’s largest bank or engineering firm, but others won’t know who the organizations are.
  • Work with a career coach to arrange informational interviews and do mock job interviews. Practice before real interviews makes them easier.
  • Attend career networking events. Face-to-face helps build relationships.

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