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CareerFirsts is proud to announce it has been nominated for the Emerging Business of the Year award as part of the Kamloops & District Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards.

"As a business of less than one year, this is very heartwarming and affirming" says Dr. Nancy Bepple, founder of CareerFirsts.  "Since the start, we have striven to provide top quality career services, and we have delivered."

Some of CareerFirsts achievements over the last year include working with one-on-one clients across Canada and globally.  CareerFirsts has secured contracts with Global Career Center to support American university students seeking Coop positions in Canada.  As well, CareerFirsts is providing consulting services to Trinity Western University to expand their experiential learning opportunities.

CareerFirsts has also given back to community through presentations with Kamloops Immigrant Services and Thompson Rivers University.

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