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In conjunction with Global Career Center, CareerFirsts continues to support US Coop students seeking Coop positions in Canada.  In this latest round, CareerFirsts supported University of Toledo Chemical Engineering Coop.  For example, CareerFirsts supported a 3rd year chemical engineering student obtain a position with the Vancouver office of a global mine environmental reclamation company.

University of Toledo is a student-centered, public metropolitan research university with over 20,000 students.

In 2022, CareerFirsts also supported students from University of Cinncinati and Drexel University in a wide range of programs. including  architecture, psychology, pre-law, information technology, business, animation, theatre and engineering.  In 2022, every US student seeking a Canadian placement through CareerFirsts was successfully placed.

Starting now, CareerFirsts will be focusing on supporting US students seeking positions in western Canada across all programs starting in May 2023.

Employers interested in hiring some motivated, global focused Coop students, send us a message.  Wanting to work with CareerFirsts and Global Career Center can contact us as well.

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