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Over the years, I have assisted with thousands of people looking for career related work. Some I remember, some I don’t. One of the main reasons I remember someone I supported on their career journey is because they took the time to say thank you.

Saying thank you is a very powerful part of career success.

  • When you say thank you to someone, you take the time to reflect on how their actions assisted you.
  • By saying thank you, you let others know that their time was valued by you.
  • Saying thanks strengthens the bond between you and the other person, and if in the future you need each other's assistance, you are both more likely to want to help each other.
  • When you say thanks, you end up feeling great too.

There are many ways to say thanks.

  • A short email sent after an event, request, or interaction
  • A formal letter sent to a person or their superior
  • A post on a person’s LinkedIn profile, as a recommendation, comment, or message
  • A personal phone call or text message
  • A hand written thank you note

Often, the work one does happens with little thanks or appreciation. So then when thanks is given, it is that much more powerful.

Take time each week to reach out to someone and say thanks. It smooths the path to future career success.

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